Website Validation Part 2

Last week we talked about the importance of website validation, along with providing some tools you could use to validate your own website. Today I’ll be continuing this discussion by providing you with even more resources that you can use in your validation process, with a quick rundown of what each validation service offers.

W3C Link Checker: Another validation service by the lovely people at the World Wide Web Consortium (for those that do not remember from last week, the W3C is an international community that develops many of the web standards that developers adhere to today). This particular validator checks for any issues involved with the links, anchors, or referenced objects within your HTML markup or CSS style sheets. The last thing you want on your website is a broken link, as that translates to “bad upkeep” and will turn away potential customers.

Web Accessibility Checker: Do you remember the importance of web accessibility? Just as a refresher, web accessibility means having your website accessible to everyone, particularly focusing on people with disabilities. After you provide your website–either by entering your URL or uploading your code files–this validation tool will list out all the ways you can improve your website in its current state so that it is meets accessibility standards.

W3C mobileOK Checker: In today’s world, having your website accessible by mobile devices is becoming increasingly vital. This W3C checker performs a series of tests to specifically see if your website is mobile-friendly. I cannot stress enough the importance of having your website viewable on a tablet of smartphone (you will be missing out on a LOT of potential visitors if you do not design for these devices), so please do utilize this service to make sure your website is up to mobility standards.

Web Accessibility – AccessColor Tool: This tool complements the Web Accessibility Checker from before; this particular validation resource specifically checks for color contrast within your website. Its important that the text on your website contrasts sufficiently enough with your background color, otherwise no one can read your content! After providing your website for testing, this tool will actually rate the brightness and difference (contrast) of your text and background colors on a numeric scale, and point out exactly which bit of coding it’s referring to so you can easily remedy the issues.

Web Page Analyzer: Arguably one of the most important things to check for with your website is that people can actually access it. This website will go in and analyze the speed of your web pages; this refers to the download time of your text and images, or in other words, how quickly the web page loads on someone’s browser. After checking your website, it will warn you of any potential problems and offer recommendations on how you can improve the speed of your website.

These are all the validation tools I have to offer you for now. Hopefully you find these tools as useful as I do!


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